About Us

The Virginia Federation of Republican Women (VFRW) is a diverse group of Patriotic Women that was chartered in 1953, and is a member of the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW), which is one of the largest political volunteer organizations in the country.  Similarly, the VFRW is the largest such organization in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  With nearly 2,000 members and 62 active clubs the VFRW exerts an influence on local, state, and federal policy and is a force within the Virginia Republican Party at all levels.  Membership in the Virginia Federation is available to all Republican women in the Commonwealth of Virginia through clubs located in all Congressional Districts.

Our Vision:
The VFRW aims to help build and maintain a nation and a Commonwealth governed by the principles of the Republican Party, including: a productive, free enterprise economic system; equal rights, justice, and opportunity for all citizens; fiscal responsibility and budgetary restraint at all levels; the preservation of individual liberty; peace through strength; and a recognition that Faith is essential to the moral fiber of the Nation.

Our Purpose:
The purpose of this Federation is to promote the cause of good, sound, responsible government through the efforts and good works of knowledgeable and capable women in politics.  Sound government should provide for all citizens the possibility for improvement in their lives through effective education or training and the chance to pursue happiness in a working and stable economy regardless of background, ethnicity or religion.

Our Values: 
Our vision described above is built on the values of our Founding Fathers, on their genius as expressed in the Constitution of the United States, and on the principles laid down at the 1938 founding of the NFRW. Those principles are  to encourage close cooperation between independent groups which are working for sound government, to promote the interchange of ideas and experiences in order to identify effective policies, and to encourage statewide and national approaches to the problems facing the Commonwealth, the Nation and the Republican Party.


Educate and encourage women to be involved in politics in all capacities and at all levels
Support Republican and member candidates running for state and local offices
Inform members and the electorate through political education

Support Republican Principles  
Promote and provide strength and unity in the Commonwealth
Cooperate with the Republican Party and affiliated groups
Improve communication skills
Produce Quarterly newsletter “Virginia Victory”

Initiate and participate in Community activities
Issue Advocacy at an annual Legislative Day in the State Capital Building
Promote “Boots on the Ground” Fundraising event in late summer
Hold Annual Convention and quarterly Board of Directors meetings

Increase the participation of women in politics
Improved communication and leadership skills
Elect Republicans at all levels of government      
Maximum political volunteering
Provide Greater Community service


Paula Steiner, President
Bonnie Burkhardt, First Vice President
Susan Cobb, Second Vice President
Chelle Davis, Recording Secretary
Ginny Carslon, Corresponding Secretary
Sue Hughes, Treasurer